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good chicken

we cooked our first chicken this weekend! (see left photo) so delicioius...num num.  made chicken noodle soup with the leftovers.  no more albertson's chickens for me!  thank you so much.  ellen

We had a thanksgiving turkey from your farm, ordered through Heritage Food. I wanted to let you know it was absolutely delicious and worth every penny. Thanks for maintaining and caring for such wonderful birds.
Rick Palo Alto, CA

We just enjoyed one of your heritage turkeys for our thanksgiving meal and we are adding to our thanksgiving the bird itself. Compared to run of the mill store-bought turkeys it is an extraordinary specimen. I took time to admire the bird's sturdy structure, especially the handsome breastbone. The flavor held a richness we've never enjoyed in any other turkey. We are glad for your work and for your sharing it with us.
Matthew, Heather, Evan & Gareth

.... is hard to impress, but he was impressed so much, we plan to do it again next year so save us a bird!! It was a wonderful meal that all contributed to, but the turkey was the hit of the evening! I really appreciate the lovely quality of your turkeys and know they are raised well and respectfully. Thank you!!!!
Sheri - Los Angeles, CA

We want to thank you for the most delicious turkey we have ever eaten. I prepared it according to your directions in the packaging and it was perfect. It was the most flavorful bird we've ever eaten and it was very moist. We eat very little meat because of factory farming practices and the cruelty associated with that type of farming. In good conscience, we cannot eat factory farmed meat; but knowing that our bird was raised in a humane fashion allowed us to purchase your product. We gave thanks to the turkey for its life and for our nourishment from it. We will continue to support your farm and spread the word. Please pass this message on to Frank Reese.
Thank you---Tony and Francine and family (Los Osos, California)

skatebord turkeyThank you for your help this morning. I found the heart and the bird is now safely brining absent the giblets in the middle. My mother thanks you for including them because she uses them for something. The bird and brining solution were too heavy for me to lift to the garage fridge, so we used a skateboard (my son came up with the idea). I thought you might like to see a picture of the skateboarding turkey - although you have probably seen them all before!
Happy Thanksgiving, Marion from Texas